Healing Disorders

of the Nervous System

Groundbreaking medical devices

Receive grant funding, mentorship, and world-class resources for your cutting edge medical device ideas

Funded by the NIH and founded by Johns Hopkins University and Howard University, NeuroTech Harbor works with innovators to accelerate the development of groundbreaking solutions that alleviate human suffering from neurological conditions

Translate your early-stage ideas to first-in-human prototypes

NeuroTech Harbor is seeking high-potential, high-risk medical device solutions that focus on diagnosis, prevention, treatment, management, or delay of onset of a neurological condition. Whether you have an early-stage idea or an advanced proof-of-concept project, we help take it to the next level.

Work with leading medical device commercialization experts and entrepreneurs

NeuroTech Harbor is founded and led by seasoned scientists, engineers, and clinicians to guide translation of projects from bench to bedside. Once selected, innovators will be matched with a customized “Dream Team” of advisors who will guide and support you every step of the way.




At NeuroTech Harbor, we believe in the mission of equitech. The equitech philosophy is the belief that diversity of teams, leadership, and perspectives is a force multiplier to fuel innovation producing solutions accessible to all communities. We are committed to diversity and inclusion during early-stage translation as the first critical step towards creating long-term clinical and social impact.

Resources to support you along the way


Evaluating and identifying innovator proposals with high potential for clinical impact and commercial viability.


Supporting each funded innovator subproject with a full team of clinical and commercial advisors, facilitators, and NTH committee representatives.


Supporting funded subprojects with resources and subawards, as well as an expansive, diverse, and inclusive resource network.