NTH providers will accelerate the development and success of the funded projects by working with all stakeholders in identifying, soliciting, evaluating, and managing resources to produce a human-grade prototype. Our network of providers (see below) will ensure proper management of the engagements between contracted providers and subproject teams. Using the milestones, deliverables and timelines identified by evaluators, NTH providers will create a formal plan with project management tools to manage and document the progress of each NTH project to ensure success.

Our Provider Network is an extensive group of experts and innovators capable of performing at the highest standards of excellence. Our Resource Partners include world-renowned entities with their own networks, partners, and resources to expand our reach to trusted industry partners and providers.

Design, Prototyping, Risk Analysis
Electronics Manufacturing
Prototype Manufacturing
Design Optmization and Risk

Northeast Biomedical (RI)
Root 3 Labs (MD)
LaunchPort LLC (MD)
Key Tech (MD)
Biocompatibility & Animal Studies
Preclinical Studies - Animal Testing (non-GLP)Noble life Sciences (MD)
MDC Studio (MD)
Cadaver TestingCarnegie Surgical Innovation Centre (MD)
Entrepreneurship VCs
LaunchPort LLC (MD)
FastForward @ JHTV (MD)
Hexcite Medtech Accelerator (MD)
Passion Capital (GBR)
Catalonia Capital (ESP)
AT Partners (JP)
Sequoia (CA)
Computational Modeling
MDC Sudio (MD)
Bench and Safety Testing
Electrical Safety
Electromagnetic Compatibility
MR Testing
Shelf-life Testing

Eurofins (USA)
LaunchPort LLC (MD)
Hexcite Medtech Accelerator (MD)
MDC Studio (MD)
Business Development
Mentors-in-Residence at JHTV (US)
CBID External Advisory Board (US)
Market / User ResearchWorrell (MN)
Legal-Intellectual Property
Hogan Lovells (DC)
Mintz Levin (MD)
Christensen Fonder Dardi (MN)
InnovaTech (CA)
Allen and Overy LLP (UK)
Key Tech (MD)
LaunchPort Accelerator (MD)
Passion Capital (GBR)
Rehabtronics (CAN)
Abbott Medical (CA)
Medtronic (MN)
BlackRock NeuroTech (UT)
JHU Berman Institute
Current Harbor Resource Network and Anticipated Initial Growth (several listed companies have provided Letters of Support).