The evaluation process is the most critical element of the NTH. Evaluators will be responsible for providing thorough, timely assessments for a large number of innovator subproject proposals. Top experts will identify those few that have the best potential for clinical impact and commercial viability.  In addition, the evaluators will identify gaps in proposals that help innovators improve, as well as guide future steps in the NTH process. The evaluation team must not only ensure that the need addressed in a proposal is significant, but also that a feasible plan is laid out to achieve deliverables, including resources required. They will recruit experts and innovators from diverse backgrounds, a core value of NeuroTech Harbor. Lastly, evaluators will assess and provide guidance in ways innovators can increase the potential for commercial success globally by expanding their impact to under-served communities.

Evaluators will leverage the Guidance and Impact Tracking System (GAITS), developed by the Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation & Technology (CIMIT), a web-based platform to help innovators prepare competitive proposals. This will provide a methodology for all EC evaluation panels, especially the Deep-Dive panel, to assess subproject proposals with consistent criteria. Applicants and panel members will receive basic training on how to use the GAITS platform.

To recruit diverse evaluation specialists, the EC will work with NTH’s consultant networkand leverage The LaunchPort, a medtech manufacturing accelerator with an extensive network of diverse experts.

For a schedule of Webinars/Fireside Chats and Office Hours for applicants, please click here.