Funding Opportunities

Neurotech Harbor (NTH) will help you translate your ideas to impact.  If selected, your team will receive expert advice, funding, resources, and mentoring, all funded by the NIH through the Blueprint Medtech program. The intent of the program is to support promising solutions to the creation of human-grade prototypes.  NeuroTech Harbor experts will help you define and budget for this translational effort.

 We are seeking the following:

  • Solutions that are medical devices, as defined by the FDA.
  • Solutions that are higher risk, expected to follow FDA PMA, De Novo, or higher-risk 510(k) regulatory pathways.
  • Solutions that are focused on the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, management of symptoms of, or delay of onset of a neurological condition.
  • Solutions that already have some degree of proof-of-concept.
  • Teams that are able, if funded, to continue work on and support the translational aspects of the project through its development path in a new commercial entity or licensed into an existing company.
  • Teams that are primarily within the USA and are eligible to receive NIH funding.

We will consider the following: 

  1. Seedling – Early-stage ideas (i.e. lacking proof-of-concept or technical development gaps) will have an opportunity to receive pilot funding.
  2. Full Projects – Innovators will work with experts to create a research plan and identify required resources, which will be used to create a project proposal that will be submitted to NIH for funding consideration. If funding is approved, NTH will be your partner in moving your technology to a first-in-human prototype.

Stay tuned for a formal announcement with additional details shortly